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Session 8: Designations & Redirects



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1.Explain how a Contact is assigned as a designation and be credited with donations.
2.Explain how to redirect a contact or designation or donor
3.Explain what a Related Donor is


A Designation [Designación] is a contact that is coded to receive donations. A designation can either be a person (such as a staff member) or an organization (such as a campus ministry, or a scholarship account for a campus ministry).

Redirection occurs when financial information directed to one contact is pointed to another.

Reference Material

Designations: Overview

Redirecting Designations

Redirect Activity

Related Contacts


Donors need to be redirected for many reasons:

1.They have married another donor and want to share their contact ID [ID de contacto]. In this case it is not a requirement. Sometimes a husband and wife want to have separate contact IDs.
2.They were a duplicate contact or had multiple contact IDs.

When a contact has multiple donor IDs (such as different family members, or in a case where a donor gives both from his personal funds and his business), this information can be identified through a Related Donor [donantes relacionados] relationship.

Designations are redirected for similar and additional reasons. An important principle regarding designations is that they must always be posted to an active designation. When any of the following events occurs, the designation must be redirected:

1.Staff member Marriage
2.Staff member Death (even if there is a surviving spouse)
3.A project or event is completed
4.A ministry is shut down


1.Staff members often get married during the summer when the ministry is less active. The HR department has just sent you a request to marry these staff members in the system:

Elizabeth Bennet to Fitzwilliam Darcy

And her twin sister, Jane Bennet to Charles Bingley

Misaki Yamasaki to Kenta Kimura (who is not on staff)

2.The following staff member passed away: Edward Ferrars.
3.The following are related to each other: Angel Gonzalez owns Crocodile Chocolates, and frequently gives donations both from his personal funds and from his business.

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