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TntWare + QuickBooks

Connect with other ministries that use QuickBooks along with TntWare products such as DonorWise, DonorHub or TntConnect.

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It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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DonorWise Setup Steps

This is an overview for your reference, and is not intended to be a step-by-step checklist for installation.

1.Fill out Evaluation Questionnaire to help you evaluate and prepare to use DonorWise

2.Fill out Implementation Questionnaire to make sure you have both the hardware you need and the business process in place

3.Fill out Setup Questionnaire to help you gather all of the information you will need to define DonorWise for your use

4.Prepare / convert existing contact database

5.Combine donors / staff member / other contacts lists into one list, if necessary

6.Install DonorWise on server

7.Install database on server

8.Install current version of DonorWise on each client computer

9.Log into DonorWise for the first time, and Enter ministry name as the "Me" contact

Read More > The "Me" Contact

10.Perform Setup Tasks from checklist on the right (using the Setup Questionnaire)

a.Read More > Define / Manage Payment Types

b.Read More > Integrated GL Options

c.Read More > Define Currencies

d.Read More > Define Chart of Accounts & Responsibility Centres

e.Read More > Define Assessment Schemes

f.Read More > Complete System Setup tab options

i.Read More > Security Tab

ii.Read More > Reports Tab

iii.Read More > Contact Tab

iv.Read More > General Ledger tab

v.Read More > Designation Tab

vi.Read More > Receipting Tab

vii.Read More > Journal Tab

viii.Read More > Donations Tab

ix.Read More > Plugins Tab

g.Read More > Manage / Add Users

11.Read More > Import Contacts

12.Read More > Create Designations

13.Read More > Build Ministry Tree

14.Read More > Create Historical Batch

15.Read More > Import Historical Batch

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