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Provide a worksheet/questionnaire that you can use to help make decisions about the set-up options in DonorWise, so that your ministry will gain the most benefit from the program.
Provide instruction on the actual set-up of DonorWise prior to use.

Print this questionnaire and write in your information

This set-up questionnaire is designed to help you answer all of the important questions about using the DonorWise system before actually doing the setup. There are many issues that may require input from various people, including the director, the Financial Manager, accountants, and users.

This questionnaire is organized in the same sequence as the DonorWise set-up procedure. Use the information that you have compiled on this form to do the setup later.

Having the Setup Questionnaire complete will allow to move through the Setup Wizard more effectively. You can select any item in the Wizard and DonorWise will take you to that location. DonorWise does not know whether you have actually completed the step, only that you have been there. When that occurs, that item will be crossed out in the Setup Wizard (below, right).

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