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  • Data Pump errors

    Our balances in DataServer are wrong. Data Pumps show hundreds of errors like what I am putting in brackets that the bottom of this message. The errors don't give me any insight into the problem except I do see account numbers in there. I think the problem is that in MS Dynamics our accountants disabled...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Scott Mitchell on 7 Nov 2016
  • "Donor" not providing a gift are not being included.

    running into a problem for MAF, we want to populate the donor table with users who have not provided a financial gift. when running the data pump for the lookup table to associate Desig to Donors (DesigDonor) the pump is returning an error of "DesigDonor","InsertError","9046...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Jim Crozier on 13 Dec 2013
  • Re: dataserver_sgp locked in time

    We are in the right direction: "The connection with the server was terminated abnormally". Your email (not listed here) further suggested connection could be terminated due to "Too large upload size (so that the request is rejected by the server)". Indeed, the auto-sync log file shows...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by tsanyao on 9 Jan 2013
  • [Resolved] dataserver_sgp locked in time

    We have received recurring warnings from TntMPD.Dataserver auto-sync notifications since 10 December 2012. The warnings have been the same: Synchronization settings have been reinitalized How to reproduce the warning: At Data > Data Pumps, i manually triggered Pump All, followed by sync (attached...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by tsanyao on 26 Dec 2012
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